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Disability – Office Overhead

This insurance offers you benefits based on the eligible fees that continue to accrue during your disability, minus the income paid to you eventually by a dentist replacing you during your disability.

You can choose among various options the percentage of the insured amount payable during your disability as well as the length of the benefit payment period, in order to fulfill the needs of your particular situation. Consult one of our financial security advisors in order to determine the strategy adapted to your situation.

Also, depending on your financial capacity, we will recommend various elimination periods of 7, 14 or 30 days.

Given the strength, uniqueness and good health of your group, the premiums are less than those of comparable products on the market.

Dentists are determined to return to work quickly so that they do not lose their clientele. This factor means shorter disability periods and better results for the insurer, which translates into more competitive premiums for the group.