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University Activities

Financial security advisors and damage insurance brokers at Sogedent visit your university regularly in order to help you plan for your future insurance, whether for your practice or private life, and introduce the insurance products available to you.

In addition, we are guest speakers at the Université de Montréal in a course given to third-year students about dental practice organization. We will discuss the types of personal and damage insurance to plan for your future needs.

To find out more about activities at your university, please consult this page regularly.

Download the calendar of  activities


01/10 Remise de sacs à dos - Université de Montréal 1st-year students
03/10 Planification des activités annuelles d'un souper - Université Laval students
07/10 Remise des assurances invalidité et vie, gracieuseté de Sogedent, Université de Montréal 5th-year students
09/10 Remise de sacs à dos - Université Laval 1st-year students
10/10 Remise de sacs à dos - McGill University 1st-year students
16/10 Facturation RAMQ - Université de Montréal 3rd-year students
06/11 Panel des étudiants - Université Laval 3rd-year students
06/12 Cours sur les contrats - McGill University 4th-year students
15/01 Panel des dentistes - Université de Montréal 4th-year students
15/01 Panel des dentistes - McGill University 3rd-year students