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We suggest that you make a periodic review of your life insurance requirements. This will help you avoid being either over-insured or forcing a reduction in standard of living on your family, in case of your death. You will in this way enjoy a protection that is at all times adapted to your professional and family needs.
You will find in the Forms, section, a Simplified Needs Analysis which will allow you to evaluate your coverage.


You benefit from the Waiver of Premium clause if, following an illness or accident, you are not capable of:

i)   during the first 2 years of the disability, to perform the main tasks of your usual professional functions and for which you are under medical supervision;

ii)  afterwards, to perform a remunerated activity for which you are qualified or for which you would reasonably be qualified by training, education or experience, you are without remunerated employment and is regularly under the supervision of a physician.

Moreover, if your total disability occurs before age 65 and lasts longer than six months and you have purchased a spouse and children life insurance, you won’t have to pay these protections as long as you are disabled or until these protections expire, that is at 80 for your spouse, 26 for your dependent children studying full-time and 21 for your other dependent children.

Please note that specific clauses apply to dependent children suffering from a functional deficiency.