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Focus on Insurance

Focus on Insurance is a series of articles related to various aspects of the insurance field published in The Contact Point, the ACDQ’s journal.

Have Questions about Your Claims? Sogedent Is a Key Player!
September-October 2019

Editorial from Dr. Serge Langlois - Sogedent Is Unique: Dentists Are Both Owners and Clients
September-October 2019

Sogedent's DUO Meetings: Find Out How Skilled Our Team Is!
May-June 2019

Sogedent's Business Insurance: The Only One of Its Kind in Quebec!
March-April 2019

The importance of Updating Your Insurance File
January-February 2019

Sogedent's Unique Approach: Committed to Your Success
November-December 2018

Customized coverage for you
September-October 2018

Are you familiar with replacement insurance?
May - June 2018

Customized coverage for you
March - April 2018

The Importance of Updating Your Insurance File
January - February 2018

Demystifying loan insurance
November - December 2017

Staying in Control of the Situation When the Worst Happens!
September-October 2017

Benefit from a Wide Range of Services and Exclusive Discounts
July-August 2017

Customized Coverage for You
May-June 2017

Is Marine Insurance Necessary?
March-April 2017

Focus on Insurance
January-February 2017