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Personal Insurance

In your last year of studies, you will benefit from a premium exemption for an $80,000 life insurance protection and a $500 monthly income protection in case of disability, without evidence of insurability, for a period of approximately 39 months.

A financial security advisor at Sogedent will visit your university at the beginning of your last year of studies in order to have you sign the required insurance applications.

In addition, to mark this important milestone, you are being offered a 50% exemption of your insurance premium until December 31 of the third year following your graduation, if you add a supplementary amount for disability insurance before the end of your graduation year.

Prescription Drug Insurance

According to the law, you must take out prescription drug insurance, but neither you nor your dependents can subscribe to the public plan. You can either subscribe to the Sogedent insurance plan starting the date in which you obtain your diploma, or you can subscribe to your spouse’s plan or the group plan of the practice where you work, if it offers one.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 514 282-1425 or 1 800 361-3794
Fax:       514 282-0437