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Critical Illness

When you are the victim of a illness covered (NOTA: you must survive at least 30 days its diagnosis) this insurance offers you a lump sum according to the insured amount you have taken out, normally tax-free, which you can use at your will. Most people use it to pay for care by the best specialists in the best hospitals around the world. You will determine the insured amount you require based on your needs and your obligations with the assistance of our financial security advisors.

Most contracts cover, among other illnesses, cancer, heart attack, coronary artery disease surgery, occupational HIV infection, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, paralysis, multiple sclerosis and a dozen of other ailments.

The difference between this coverage and disability insurance – income protection – is that the latter replaces your income when you are disabled but does not offer you additional sums necessary for you to be cared for quickly by the best specialists, and does not give you the sums necessary to adapt your home, cottage or vehicles after you are diagnosed with a critical illness that you could survive for a number of years.

Sogedent offers an array of different insurance plans in case of critical illness.